Pebble Rainbow Moonstone Necklace

Pebble Rainbow Moonstone Necklace

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Organically shaped pendant necklace with a beautiful rainbow moonstone gemstone.

This pendant necklace features a hand-cut asymmetric moonstone gemstone, made with gold plated sterling silver on a 16" gold chain. 

Materials: the necklace is made of gold plated sterling silver and is set with rainbow moonstone.  Rainbow Moonstone is a gemstone that belongs to the feldspar family and is known for its iridescent optical effect called adularescence. The stone is named after its milky white colour with a play of colours that can range from blue, yellow, green, and pink

Details: the chain is 16" with extension chain to 18" and has a hook clasp. The central gemstone is faceted and is hand-cut and asymmetric by design.   It is approximately 2 x 1.5 cm in dimension.