Our Ethics

Ethics in jewellery is a tricky subject. In some ways jewellery is so much more sustainable than most other things we buy, it can last hundreds of years (or more) and can be repaired, re-worked, the metals melted and recycled and gemstones re-polished. However, there are huge problems caused by mining and expolitation, and we can't ignore these. Recycling of precious metals is standard practice, however precious metals are still being mined.

There is a lot of greenwashing in the jewellery trade, which we are very much aware of. We are always seeking to improve the way we work. Our current efforts include:

-re-using pre-owned gold (bought in house)

-remodelling and repairing customers jewellery

-having a large selection of refurbished pre-owned and antique jewellery

-collecting and refining all of our sweeps and scraps

-re-polishing worn gemstones to make new jewellery

-sourcing reclaimed diamonds and gemstones

-sourcing plastic free, recycled packaging

We also take many measures within our business to reduce waste, recycle appropriately and support other independant businesses. We were one of the founding businesses to support Ecologi, and have been supporting their climate projects for over three years (see the link below for our forest!)

Ecologi Forest

We believe that the people who work for us are invaluable, and know that we could not do this alone. We are committed to helping each of them achieve their goals and further their knowledge and skills. We take care to create a physically and mentally healthy environment for them to work in, and to be a family friendly workplace. We passionately believe in the power of community and engage with our town events and support causes and fundraisers in our area. We also sponsor the Stratford-Upon-Avon Baby Bank, who do incredible work collecting and distributing supplies for local families.

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