Jewellery Remodelling Service

One of the wonderful things about fine jewellery is that it is possible for it to be changed, repurposed or repaired almost indefinitely, meaning it can be worn and loved by generations for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Metals can be melted down, re-alloyed and then rolled, hammered, cast or fabricated into new forms. Gemstones can be re-polished, replaced when missing, or cut into new shapes and used again. Because we handle each job personally, we can re-use your metals from sentimental jewellery to make your new piece. We care for each job within our small team.

Our remodelling services start from £250, and the final cost will depend on the time taken and the extra materials required. To book a no-obligation design appointment, or to tell us about your idea, please follow the link below.

If you are interested in having a piece of jewellery re-designed please get in touch to arrange an appointment with one of our designers. You can email us on or fill out the form on our Bespoke Jewellery Page.

Bespoke Jewellery Page

Previous remodelling projects

New Heirlooms

Two sisters had three plain 22ct gold wedding bands which had belonged to close members of their family. We designed and made two of these rings using the gold from the three original rings, so that they each have a beautiful ring to wear and love.

Combining Diamonds

The diamonds in this rose gold ring came from two pairs of earrings and a pendant, all with huge sentimental value. We combined them to make a stand-alone band ring to wear on the right hand.

Inverted Signet

Using two diamonds from an unworn eternity ring, this design feels like an inversion if a traditional signet ring, with a smooth plain oval signet and the diamonds set to each side.

Onyx and Diamond Ring

The diamond to the centre of this ring belonged to our customers father, and it is held in a setting that was made from the gold from his signet ring. The design is inspired by Art Deco cocktail rings.

Asymmetrical Opal Necklace

This beautiful Opal was in a large cluster ring, and wasn't being worn. We designed this necklace to make it wearable every day, including two of the diamonds from the ring and adding a beautiful green amethyst.

22ct Gold Charms

These pretty charms were made from the gold from a customers mothers wedding ring. We made these to wear on hoop earrings, and also made a necklace and ring using the rest of the gold.

Star Wedding Band

This ring was made using our customers gold, and adding a scattering a sparkling diamonds in star settings.

Diamond Bubbles

When you have sentimental diamonds of different sizes, they can form a lovely scattering of diamond bubbles. This is worn on a little finger for a bit of understated luxury.

diamonds and blue gems

A collection of sentimental but unworn jewellery became this comfortably beautiful 'right hand' ring, with the addition of a couple of extra blue gemstones to add to the customers sapphires and diamonds.