Mamie Coco Atelier

Every item is ethically handmade by Laura at her studio in Bristol.

She has loved jewellery making since she can remember, as an outlet and something she loves to share with others.

Laura never thought this could become anything more than a hobby but in 2021 decided to take a leap of faith and create Mamie Coco Atelier.

Mamie Coco Atelier is handmade made from her studio with the company of her tailless black cat Mogli and the help of her partner (who has created the logo and often helps with packing your orders).

This jewellery is inspired by everything natural, nature and especially wildflowers. Laura
loves starting with gold wire, a bunch of tools, and gemstones and ending up with something beautiful and unique that brings her - and you - joy!

Mamie Coco is a tribute to her Mamie (nana) Colette whom she loves and miss dearly.